Ginuary 10th: Bespoke Tasmania Gin Workshop @ McHenry Distillery.

Today I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Turns out I was just on Bespoke Tasmania’s Gin Workshop tour at McHenry Distillery. This is the first time I’ve added “gin event” to the category list, but it makes perfect sense to me for something like this to count as a different way to experience gin under the “gin a different way every day” banner. Especially when it looks like this.

The perfect day.

The perfect day.

But to track back to the start, the day began with a 9:15am pickup, and I piled into the back seat of Kim Dudson’s car for the drive from Hobart down to Port Arthur. This was really where the whole treat began, because while I love road trips down to the Tasman peninsula, I’m usually the driver. Being able to gaze out the windows while I drank my coffee was wonderful, because the views are spectacular no matter what the season or the weather. We had gloomy clouds and smatterings of rain on the morning trip out and I was spellbound.

But this blog isn’t about how much I love Tasmania, it’s about how much I love gin. Once the beautiful 1.5 hour drive was complete, we pulled up at Bill McHenry’s place and piled out of the car to begin our day in the bond store, next to the row of ten barrels of aging gin. We chatted about gin while drinking coffee, but once coffee was done we assumed tasting gin would be acceptable. It was twelve o’clock somewhere.

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