Ginuary 2017: the relaxed edition.

So, here’s the thing.

I’ve got five completed Ginuarys under my belt, and what an achievement that’s been! I went from suggesting Ginuary as a joke one October (or Ocsober, which is what set me off) to completing gin a different way every day for five years, or for 155 days in total.

That’s heaps good! But it’s also ridiculously time consuming. It takes a surprising amount of planning, calendar-arranging, stockpiling, and purchasing to run Ginuary successfully. I don’t get anything out of it apart from the pride of having once again completed it.

There’s also the fact that my life changed fairly dramatically a couple of years ago to where summer is without hesitation the busiest time of the year for me. I also have less cash flow these days (but I’m overall happier, which is super important). Planning ahead for what’s already the busiest month of the year has gotten a little stress-inducing, and a bit less fun. If I was just drinking gin every day, mark my words, that challenge would be far easier—and yet boring to blog about.

I’ve decided to make the call to relax Ginuary rules for 2017. I’m going to be instagramming over on Miss Ginuary, and I’ll possibly tweet and update facebook a bit (OR NOT! Who knows!), but I won’t be having gin a different way every day. Not in 2017, anyway. There will still be gin—there will be PLENTY of gin. It is the middle of summer, after all! But I know I’ve made the right decision for me because the relief I felt after making the call flooded through me so deliciously that I could have curled up and taken a nap right there and then.

I’m looking forward to a cruisy and relaxed Ginuary with friends, where I don’t have to rush home at the end of the day to get my content done, or get up early before work just for prep work. I’ve loved almost every moment of challenging myself for the last five years but I’m loving the idea of a stress-free Ginuary so much more right now.

Cheers to you for reading and following, and I’ll see you on social media. Happy new year, and happy new Ginuary.

The proposal.

It’s official: Gin and I are getting hitched.

my mum cried (with joy, right?)

~*Our Wedding*~

Okay, it’s not official at all. Sorry to all the other gin-lovers out there. We can all continue our affairs without feeling like dirty rotten cheaters, because gin still belongs to all of us.

However, before you carry on any further, there’s something you should know. I’ve promised myself to gin for the entire month of January. Gin in all its forms and I will be officially engaged for thirty-one days – considering our long and unofficial history, gin and I need to make this right.

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