About Ginuary

January: the first month of the year.
Gin: a clear alcoholic spirit distilled from grain or malt and flavored with juniper berries.
Ginuary: a clear alcoholic month of the year.

… That came out wrong.

Welcome to Ginuary, friends: one month of the year where I will attempt to sample gin served in a different way every day. I’m just one solo gin fan in search of adventure and friendship for everyone. I’m not affiliated with the liquor industry or any sort of charity in any way. Read the proposal for a lot more waffling on about my concept for Ginuary.

Side note: Ginuary doesn’t belong to me. It’s not mine exclusively. People and places all around the world seem to be holding their own Ginuary celebrations to suit them. With that I say let anyone in any way, shape or form please feel free to join me on this adventure. Let’s celebrate the joy of gin together in love and harmony (and moderation). THIS WAY!

The first of Ginuary.

My beautiful banner, icon and calendar image were all made by my friend Pete. My site was built (and is hosted) by my friend Nick. General enthusiasm provided by any of my friends who’ve had to listen to me waffle on about anything and everything gin-related, and casual tasting comments may be provided by any friends and/or family who happen to be with me on any particular day of the month.

I will happily accept any samples from gin distillers and distributors, but you should probably know that I’m in Australia. If you’re happy to ship it to me, I’m happy to make it a part of Ginuary! Get in touch.

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