Ginuary 9th: Tatty Devine gin necklace.

Back during Ginuary 2016, one of my days was dedicated to Tatty Devine’s enamel gin pin. I asked the universe (nicely) to buy me the necklace, because I wanted it quite badly. I had the sense to realise that the best way to get something is to do it yourself, so not long after Ginuary had finished, the necklace was mine.

But I hadn’t covered it for a day of Ginuary, because of the whole “easy rider” approach for 2017. So here it is, around my neck all day today, as it is on many days! It’s kind of the perfect length, too, because it has fastening loops at two different lengths (so really it’s the perfect lengths, I guess).

I’m tired and it’s been a long day. See you tomorrow?