Ginuary 8th: Ye Almighty Martini @ Faro Tapas.

The last birthday hurrah for me is tonight at MONA’s new wing, Pharos. It’s a little undiscovered as yet but here’s a hint from someone in the know: the hands-down best way to experience the new wing is via a dinner booking at Faro Tapas, the restaurant located within Pharos. You can just come for dinner or you can come for a FART. That’s the way they refer to the Food + Art Experience and may never not be funny? You pay a $25/pp deposit, which covers the cost of the exclusive artwork viewing, and then you just order whatever tapas you want, a la carte. Amazing.

Another excellent thing that’s happening in Pharos is bottled cocktails. Adam Turner, MONA’s resident bar guru, has devised some delicious batch cocktails for bottling. They come in a set of four Unholy Waters. The Ye Almighty Martini is but one of them, though it was an easy choice for me to make this month (ok, let’s face it, any month—but I do want to try all of them, and half of them don’t contain gin).

The bottle’s inscription reads thus:

And David said unto his barman: ‘Make me an extremely strong cocktail of cold-smoked gin and honey-spiked vermouth with a dash of lemon and pepperberry bitters, for I no longer wish to feel my face.’ And it was so.

And it WAS so.