Ginuary 5th: Pink Spritz @ Ti Ama.

Another 5th of Ginuary, another year older!

I had a plan for my birthday this year, but then three days out I heard that my favourite pizza place in greater Hobart was opening doors to their new restaurant tonight, so my plans were dramatically altered to accommodate a visit.

Ti Ama has a full page of spritzes to choose from, so I went with the first one I saw that featured gin—sloe gin, actually, with some cherrycello, bubbles, and a hibiscus to garnish it. Beautiful! A little medicinal, but that was the cherrycello, I think. My friend also ordered the Pink Spritz without realising I’d done the same, so we were just a coupla gals with our pink drinks.

We also ate a whole bunch of delicious food, but this isn’t a site for food reviews.

Nice work, Ti Ama. You can stay!