Ginuary 3rd: Boeing 314 @ Gold Bar Hobart.

I stumbled into Gold Bar tonight and declared, “I’ve just worked a twelve hour day and I want to die.” The bartender told me to take a seat and he’d take care of everything. Unfortunately for him, I had to explain the unique challenge that Ginuary brings with it—something new. Something I haven’t had before. And I’ve had over 150 different days of Ginuary now.

We finally found something when he mentioned a variation on a Pan American Clipper.

“I haven’t had one of those before!”

“Then that’s what you’re having!”

Dylan mostly stuck with the original measures for lime juice, grenadine and absinthe, subbed in 7K Distillery‘s Aqua Vitae for the original’s apple brandy, and the Boeing 314 was born. (Boeing 314 is the designation for the Pan American Clipper. See what we did there?)