Ginuary 29th: Lady Hester doughnuts.

One of the best things about walking in the door of Ginuary Hobart on Saturday was being handed a sampling glass, a program, and a mini Lady Hester doughnut filled with apricot jam and gin. Hello, yes. Delicious. (Ok, so I didn’t get handed one of these because I was madly stuffing programs into sampling glasses but I got mine later.)

I also quickly ferreted away a bigger doughnut each, because I couldn’t possibly choose just one when faced with fig, gin & vanilla custard ripple vs gin & lime curd. I couldn’t. I’m such a sucker for citrus curd, and an even bigger sucker for gin.

But then I got a bit carried away during the latter half of the evening and on Sunday I couldn’t quite face the doughnuts I’d ferreted. I could barely face getting out of bed.

Today, though… today was another story. DELICIOUS. I just wish they were a regular market feature! Booze doughnuts every week, please.