Ginuary 28th: Antarctic Negroni @ Institut Polaire.

I struggle a little bit with this drink in the same way I struggle a bit with the bar and the brand. Institut Polaire is, at heart, a glorified showroom for Sud Polaire gin and Domaine Simha wine. Sud Polaire advertises as “Antarctic Dry Gin”, but is it in a London Dry style or is it a new make? And an Antarctic Negroni? Is just a white negroni with a branded name.

Still, it was an opportunity to drink a white negroni without having to purchase a bottle of Suze or Lillet. I won’t post a recipe because I’m not sure what exact measures the Institut use in their drink, suffice to say it’s likely either equal measures of gin and Lillet Blanc (or a bit more gin if anything) and around half that of Suze, to round out the negroni’s well-known and loved bitterness.

The vibe in the space is cold and expensive. Too expensive for me. Thankfully the Antarctic Negroni was at the lower end of the expensive drinks, and now I’ve ticked Institut Polaire off my list. Onward and upward!