Ginuary 24th: Millionaire Cocktail No.1 @ Gold Bar Hobart.

Sometimes there are these classic cocktails that exist in the Savoy Cocktail Book that you’ll probably never get around to ticking off at the home bar because there’s that one ingredient that you’ll probably only use for that one drink and until you’ve actually had the drink you just can’t know if it’s worth it or not, and then Ian at Gold Bar makes it for you and you curse because it’s really good and now you want to be able to make it at your home bar and how much is a bottle of apricot brandy? Do I even want apricot brandy when Ian made it with quandong liqueur because he’s all about Australian spirits wherever possible? How much is quandong liqueur? Wait, how much? And I’m only going to use it for this drink? Hmm. This drink might be a millionaire but I’m sure not. Here’s Harry Craddock’s recipe.

Millionaire Cocktail No.1

  • 30ml/1oz sloe gin
  • 30ml/1oz spiced rum
  • 30ml/1oz apricot brandy (or quandong liqueur)
  • 30ml/1oz lime juice
  • barspoon of (proper) grenadine

Shake with ice and a great amount of enthusiasm. Strain into a chilled glass and garnish with a lime twist (or a wheel if you’re Ian).

This is a big drink with a lot of flavour and I’m here for it. I’m also here for beautifully measured drinks—there’s something about equal parts that delight me (see The Last Word, one of my all-time favourites). In searching for the recipe online I found this handy post from Australian Bartender which references the kinda jumbled history to this one, and Serious Eats touches on it as well (with their non-gin recipe, pah). The joys of pre-prohibition recipes and the webs they weave!

I’m also kind of tickled to post about drinking a Millionaire at Gold Bar. Millionaire, Gold Bar. Game, set, match. Now, where’s my first million? Any time now. I’m waiting.