Ginuary 23rd: Hotel Chocolat gin truffles.

I’m a known hoarder, and I’m not an absolute fiend for chocolate, which means when I’m gifted something delicious in July, if I really, really want to, I can save it until January. Some of it, anyway. (Half of it, to be exact.)

This sweet set of treats was lovingly posted to me from a dear friend who lives interstate but thought of me while holidaying in Scotland. She’s not the first friend who’s thought of me while on the other side of the freaking world and dragged gifts all the way home for me. I am surrounded by very good people (and I make it very easy for them to buy gifts for me because my interests are pretty well known).

Those are Hotel Chocolat’s gin chocolate truffles, and can I just say, there is definitely gin in these. Hoo boy! You can’t miss that alcoholic zang in your mouth. “A lively, floral gin, with plenty of juniper, sealed in dark chocolate.” I ate one in July. I ate another two some time between July and now. And today? Today, friends… I ate the remaining three.

If there were another dozen, I would have eaten them, too. Thank you, Bri!