Ginuary 21st: Hendrick’s Summer Punch @ Mona Foma.

“Do you want to check out the festival?”


“Good, because I need to find the gin tent.”

“Gin tent?”

“Gin tent.”

Hendrick’s Gin is one of Mona Foma’s sponsors and gives me a very specific reason to look forward to festival season.

Official sponsors mean official cocktail recipes, so it means we’ll be able to easily recreate the Hendrick’s Summer Punch at home whenever we feel like it! (Also the Hendrick’s Floradora, but I have to keep that one up my sleeves for some other time.)

Last night was also the official end of the festival so I may have gotten a little carried away at the afterparty, hence the late blog post! Though I’m happy to report I stuck to my guns with Summer Punches through till 3am. Early bedtime tonight, I think.