Ginuary 20th: Tatty Devine string lights.

A Saturday night and it’s not alcohol? What is the world coming to? Well, it’s coming to mid-festival madness and mama needs a rest on the couch.

A rest on the couch is even more enjoyable lately when I have these beautiful beasts to gaze at. I bought these string lights months ago from ASOS in a mild state of shock and delight, because what gin products will Tatty Devine think of next? And why don’t I own the coin purse yet? Who can say. The important thing is that I purchased the gin string lights without having any real idea of where I’d put them…

And then my boyfriend gifted me a booze hutch for Christmas. BOOZE HUTCH! It’s still a work in progress, but it’s getting very close to being finished now—and it’s definitely finished enough to be laden with every bottle of alcohol in my house. Laden.

Of course, much to my delight, while I was peering into every nook and cranny for hidden bottles, I rediscovered the gin string lights I’d purchased months ago. And they’re perfect and beautiful and I’m not sure I could be happier.

Light up your gin with gin! And then add some more gin! Because Ginuary. (Okay, because every month of the year, for me. But especially Ginuary.)