Ginuary 1st: Twin Turbo Negroni @ the Taste of Tasmania.

We’re back, baby!

It’s always fun to introduce myself to a bartender during Ginuary with, “hello, how are you with challenges?” Mercifully, a good bartender is ALWAYS good with challenges. Harry, working at the Tasmanian Craft Distillers Bar stall at the Taste of Tasmania, was quick enough to whip up one of the specials the team had used on a previous day to satisfy my requirements, AKA “gin in a way I haven’t had before” (or at least haven’t blogged for a day of Ginuary—sometimes I need to do research, you know).

One benefit of my relaxed Ginuary schedule in 2017 was that the world of mixology has kept turning pretty quickly since Ginuary 2016 and I’ve got a few trends to catch up on! There seem to be a few turbo drinks out there these days, where a drink is turbo-charged by having cold brew coffee added to it.

The Twin Turbo Negroni is a negroni (hoo boy has my palate come a long way since that first year!) supercharged with cold brew coffee—and a splash of chocolate bitters to finish it off. Well, what I’ve described is technically just a turbo negroni. This particular drink becomes a twin turbo when teamed with Adams Distillery’s navy strength Turbo gin. Zing!

(Please look beyond the presentation. The joy of a festival drink is that it can’t be presented as beautifully as in a bar, because it has to come in that classic festival cup. I finished my drink and popped that cup straight into the organic recycling bin. Nice.)

Have you tried a turbo-charged drink? If yes, what did you think? If no, why don’t you get on board? Drop a shot of cold brew into your next G&T!