Ginuary 13th: Tas Berry Sour @ The Den Salamanca.

Ok. Let’s talk about the Den. It’s been open for around a month and still smells deliciously like pine or some other lovely wood, because it’s got a ridiculously expensive fitout that’s around 97% wooden. If that scent never leaves, it will be too soon. I would go to the Den just to take a nice big deep breath into my lungs. I would, and I have, and I will again.

The cocktail list is my second favourite thing about the Den (my first being that smell). I’m even saying that when only two of the drinks on the (short) list (of thirteen) are gin-based. Everything is full of creativity and components that I can’t do easily in my home bar and that’s just what I want from a cocktail bar, because if I could make it easily at home, why wouldn’t I just do that? Give me house infused gin, Fernet Branca, and flavoured syrups. Give it to me in a drink called a Tas Berry Sour.

I’ve been to the Den three times now, and I’ve had this drink two of those times. It’s good. It’s very good, and perching upstairs at the Den looking down at the plebs is my favourite spot from which to drink it. Beautiful!