Ginuary 11th: Grapefruit Vieux Mot.

Yesterday I said I wanted to use up a bunch of Green Chartreuse this year, and after re-sorting all my Pinterest drink links, I’ve realised I also want to make a bunch of drinks with grapefruit juice. Like… a bunch. I’m glad Pinterest Boards can now have sub-boards because one within my gin board is now called Grapefruit Juice. I kid you not.

So, grapefruit juice and green chartreuse for 2018.

Never together, I don’t think.

I don’t think

Not today, anyway.

Grapefruit Vieux Mot

  • 45ml gin (I used Hendrick’s)
  • 30ml St-Germain
  • 90ml strained pink or red grapefruit juice
  • 30ml Meyer lemon juice
  • 7.5ml simple syrup

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a rocks glass or short tumbler. Garnish with a grapefruit twist.

This one comes from Bojon Gourmet, who tweaked the recipe from Calvaleigh Rasmussen, who tweaked a classic Vieux Mot recipe, and I’ve piled on top with a minor tweak of my own, being that I had some pre-made rosemary simple syrup in the fridge and couldn’t have been bothered making up some fresh plain simple, so I just used that instead—briefly considering that the flavour might actually be nicely complementary. I was totally right, quite luckily, but then again the drink contains less than a couple of teaspoons, so maybe it didn’t really matter what flavoured simple was used.

I like to think it did, though. And yet I’m not updating the recipe, because the poor thing’s gone through enough adjustments. Speaking of adjustments though, this from Bojon Gourmet’s post is worth considering:

Since fruits vary in terms of sweetness/acidity, don’t be afraid to tweak this drink to your taste, adding more lemon or simple syrup if needed. If you only have regular lemons, you can experiment with using less lemon juice and more simple syrup.

Always remember to try your drink before you serve it up so you can tweak if it needs it!

This is the kinda thing I want to just keep drinking all summer. The alcohol totally hides in the tartness and sweetness of the juice and sugar, and this is a little TOO easy to drink. I’m kinda glad that fresh grapefruit juice is an effort or I might just help myself to another four of them right now.