Ginuary 9th: G+T iceblocks.

Hot dang, am I glad I made these up last night or what! This afternoon was warm, and I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more. I polished one off for the photoshoot and then strolled to work eating a second one, because summer is here.

G + T Iceblocks

Or G + T Popsicles. Or G + T Ice Lollies.

  • 2 cups of tonic (I used Blood Moon Tonic)
  • 30ml gin (I used Hendrick’s)
  • a handful of cucumber slices
  • juice of 1/4 lime

I had eight moulds that this amount fitted perfectly for, but it’s very easy to adjust for more (or drink leftovers). Set your slices in the moulds (they won’t stay, they’ll float, but let’s pretend they’ll stay) and mix the liquids together before pouring into each mould.

Freeze overnight, at least. Just chill out. Enjoy on a hot day.

I was honestly going to save these for a little later down the track but today they hollered at me so loudly I couldn’t resist. Frozen cucumber sure has an interesting texture! It’s fine, it’s fine. I love these. Grown-up iceblocks for grown-ups. No real sweetness to them (unless you class tonic as sweet, I guess it’s got its own weird sweetness), literally just a frozen gin and tonic. If you can resist drinking your gin as soon as it hits glass, I highly recommend freezing it. Because of the booze, the iceblock is still that crunchy, shattering kind of frozen… which, I’m gonna be honest, is absolutely my favourite kind of frozen. Apart from the Disney movie. Let it go, Mem, just finish the post. Ok.