Ginuary 2nd: the Time Traveller.

One downside to spending the last four months recapping on Instagram is that now Ginuary is finally here again, I’m out of habit. I’ve gotten used to updating IG once a day (sometimes with a recipe) and looking back fondly on that day… but not actually drinking it. I’m all out of content! I gotta create new content! Bless my organisational skills this time around: I was ready to roll even when I didn’t finish work until 9pm.

The Time Traveller

Stir the gin, mint leaves (I spanked and tore mine) and the pulp of half the passionfruit in a tall glass. 

Top with ice and the blood orange mineral water, and garnish with the other half of the passionfruit, floated on top.

 Ginuary 2nd: the Time Traveller 

I’ve diligently hung onto these tasty mixers after having some gifted to me toward the end of last Ginuary. Ok, I’ve hung onto most of them. This one’s got 12% fruit juice and boasts no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives—after storing it in a cool, dry place for almost a year, I had to shake the bottle lightly as there was a bit of separation. Which was awesome, actually. The mineral water isn’t overly fizzy, either. It’s just lovely. The original recipe was found on Schweppes’ Cocktail Revolution and so called for Agrum but this substitute was almost too easy.

To stop sounding like an advert, YUM GIN YUM this drink is a feel-good hit for the summer. I’d love to be sitting on a sunny deck drinking more of those, but that’ll have to wait until Ginuary’s over. Twenty-nine ways of gin are yet to come. And I can’t wait!