Ginuary 28th: the Twenty-Eighth.

I had another plan for tonight, but then it was a beautiful, rainy evening and I wanted somebody else to do the work for me. So I texted my pal Barnes and went down to say hi to him at South Seas Cocktail Lounge. The name ‘Barnes’ may ring a bell—he made me a beautiful Beetroot Collins at Ash & Bester’s last Ginuary. Between then and now he’s opened this new tiki bar. Funnily enough, it’s still a tiny, dark space, like A&B… I should talk to him about that; maybe he works best in the dark!

South Seas is coming up on its first birthday in Hobart and it’s such a joy to have it. It’s honestly tiny, only fitting a maximum of 25-30 people (and even that’s cosy). It’s also very well hidden, close to Salamanca but far enough away that you have to want to go to South Seas, and South Seas alone. It’s a tiki bar, yes, but the cocktail menu ranges from zombies to classics to bowls to new creations. There’s something for everyone!

I had originally planned on having a Suffering Bastard, but when Barnes said he was whipping up something just for me, I wasn’t going to dispute that luxury!


I got to name it, and historically I have a very numeric approach to drinks of Ginuary. My bespoke bottle of gin made at McHenry last year was named Ginuary 10. This bespoke cocktail made of Tanqueray, Aperol, Dolin bitters, lemon and grapefruit, topped with crushed ice and soda? This is the Twenty-Eighth. Fresh, summery and desperate to be drunk on a beach somewhere, this drink is my jam. Thanks, Barnes.