Ginuary 24th: Café Americano @ the Void Bar.

I finished work at MONA two hours before close today, which meant that I rewarded myself with a knock-off down in the void bar while most of my workmates were still busy working. It was grand. 

The Void Bar’s current cocktail menu is quite impressive: a couple of punches to share, a page of creative things, and a page of classics. I’d had everything from their classics list but that was ok—drinking on location is generally a time to try something fun.

Can’t beat that sandstone.

From what I could gather, the Café Americano is just a negroni with some cold drip coffee and chocolate bitters. Sorry, I shouldn’t say “just”—it was awesome. The bartender at the Void Bar poured out Poltergeist gin, Maidenii sweet vermouth, Campari, and coffee, splashed a couple dashes of chocolate bitters, stirred it all and then poured it over the beautiful big cube of ice you see above. 
It was a very, very good way to end a work day.