Ginuary 18th: Sage Advice @ Boilermaker House.

Ah, Melbourne! I do love drinking in you but gosh, I don’t have much time on this fly-by trip. I was grateful that my pal was happy to grab some dinner and a cheeky gin in town before we headed out to the Dandenongs! Dinner just happened to be right near a newish little bar that piqued my interest… 

Boilermaker House are purveyors of malt whisky and craft beer, first and foremost, so I actually felt quite chagrined enquiring after a gin cocktail. It was certainly no doing of the staff I spoke with, who were lovely—I suppose as someone who happily drinks whisky and beer as well, I put that feeling on myself. The House does have a short but sweet cocktail menu, and once I was aware that they are the younger sibling of Melbourne’s famed Eau de Vie, I knew ordering off that wasn’t going to be a problem for me.

Sage Advice is a combination of Beefeater gin, peach brandy, fresh sage and ginger, and lemon juice. It comes served in a glass made from an old wine bottle cut in half, full of crushed ice to the point where it’s spilling over the sides. Fresh sage, lemon slices and cherries serve as garnishes, and you can bet I ate those cherries. Delicious. The drink itself is complex and absolutely delicious, herbal and fresh and I wanna do it again. 


Sage advice: try this drink. You’re welcome.

Maybe next time I return I’ll get a whisky chaser, too.