Ginuary 15th: Cool Hendrick’s @ Cott & Co’s Beach Club.

Sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men aren’t actually that well laid and your energy’s diverted by the swell surrounding you that’s all focused on the fact that your brother’s getting married tomorrow and you’ve been helping to set up and entertaining family all day and you just have to find the nearest available gin drink at a beachside pub and drink it in order to continue to successfully maintain your weird passion project.

The Cool Hendrick’s is a mix of Hendrick’s (SURPRISE!), lemon, lime, fresh mint and sugar syrup. Shaken, served up. Fresh and fruity and passable. 

Now please excuse me, I have to finish my prep for what I’ll be drinking at the wedding reception tomorrow, then I need to get as much beauty sleep as possible, because as Miss of Ceremonies I gotta be on my game.