Ginuary 12th: the Gibson @ Society Salamanca.

One of the best things about this Ginuary is the excuse to finally get to a couple of newer venues in my city of Hobart. Society Salamanca opened in the second half of 2015 and as soon as it was on my radar I knew it was a place I needed to visit!

Spot the gin shelf.

Society’s Instagram taunted me with wonderful things but it was this post that pushed me over the line—I had a Gibson tagged for this Ginuary and there it was, waving at me. Sign me up, Society, I’m yours.

Too popular for a non-crowded photo.

Take a look at that pickled onion! No baby cocktail onion for a Society Gibson—you get a Tasmanian classic Blue Banner pickle as big as a bull’s eye sitting in your glass. Not only that but here they like to make their Gibsons with McHenry barrel-aged gin, adding further to the beautiful savoury flavour of the drink. I also timed my first visit well for Tapas Tuesday, where $2 pintxos hit the bar from 6pm. First in, best dressed for some wonderful snacks that I definitely paired with the right drink!

I was able to have a chat with Angela, one of the legends running Society, about their incredible selection of gins. The bar has a strong, proud focus on Tasmanian and craft Australian products, and Angela knows her stuff, too—she has an opinion on every gin on the shelf, and knows what garnish best suits each one. I got a cheeky peek at an upcoming offering from the bar, but I’ll be keeping that up my sleeve until later in the month—suffice it to say it’s possibly the most fun I’ve had yet this month, and I can’t wait to do it again!

For now, I’ll leave you with a challenge.

Can you pick them all?