Ginuary 7th: White Cargo.

Ok, so I’m easing back into some home bar stuff this year (after the rampaging success of the new year’s punch, that is) with something ridiculously simple. Look, it’s from the Savoy Cocktail book so hush up, it had to be ticked off the list sooner or later. And yet.

White Cargo

  • 1/2 gin
  • 1/2 vanilla ice-cream

No ice is necessary; just shake until thoroughly mixed, and add water or white wine if the concoction is too thick.


I definitely didn’t need any white wine added to this, as what I quickly discovered (and really should have realised) is that gin shaken with vanilla ice-cream becomes a drink that is basically gin and vanilla flavoured milk. It definitely wasn’t the worst drink I’ve ever had, and I know some people who prefer to drink gin as a simple mixed with milk, but I’m not a huge fan of a big ol’ glass of milk so instead it was just a bit of a letdown, in the end.

But still, gin. And I’m glad I threw a couple of raspberries on top because I took great joy in dunking them in the melted ice-cream glass.