Ginuary 6th: Barrel Aged Gin.

I heard about barrel aged gin and barrel aged cocktails a couple of years ago—I’ve even tried a couple of barrel aged negronis in my time. But up until this Ginuary I hadn’t tried plain old barrel aged gin.

I did, however, have some in the cupboard. I managed to acquire a bottle of the limited first run of Four Pillars Gin’s barrel aged gin (bottle number 70, to be precise). And after sampling another barrel aged gin at the Taste festival the other day, I knew I couldn’t run this one through a cocktail. Not the first time, anyway.

So here’s me drinking barrel aged gin like I drink single malt scotch: in a lovely glass with a single ice cube.

Cheers, mate.

Cheers, mate.

Barrel aged gin is an altogether different monster. Four Pillars have aged their Rare Dry gin in French oak barrels that originally harboured chardonnay, and it’s resulted in a woody and very floral smooth drink.

I’d be interested to try this against another aged gin to compare just how much the barrel choice alters the flavour. That, or trying a different run of Four Pillars aged—though with a flavour like this, I can’t imagine they’d be bothered tampering with choices any time soon.

I tried a bit of the straight Rare Dry in comparison and it’s amazing what a few months in a barrel will do to this alcohol. Magic, I say.