Ginuary 4th: Gin Sour @ Frank.

After a very long day of work today I rolled up to dinner with a group of wonderful people and was momentarily distressed when I found my restaurant selection didn’t have any gin cocktails on their short menu. As soon as I mentioned that, I was quickly informed that the pisco sour could easily morph into a gin sour. Of course. I did a quick scan to make sure I hadn’t had gin that way before (well, not on the blog, at least) and to my great surprise, I was in luck.

How do I keep finding simple classic cocktails I haven’t ticked off yet? Have I missed any others? Please let me know!


I likely don’t need to say that this was delicious, but I do need to make sure that I say the restaurant and all our food and the service was divine as well, and I want to steal all of Frank’s glassware.

A gin sour is basically just gin, lemon juice, egg white, sugar and soda—but it tastes like summer and good times and being happy. So, magic. So magic.