Ginuary 3rd: McHenry Sloe Royale @ the Taste of Tasmania.

The final day of the Taste festival and over to my other favourite locals, McHenry’s, for a range of options on the board! All of which I’ve had before, so the Sloe Royale it was. Which was just a delight, because I don’t yet have a sloe gin in the cupboard. Attempting to remedy that soon.


McHenry Distillery have come a long way since I last visited their stall at the Taste. They’ve added another two gins to their stable—a navy strength and a barrel aged, both of which I was able to sample and both of which are delicious.


Barrel aged, sloe, classic and navy strength!


These bubbles, though. Mmhmm.

I love that McHenry’s sloe berries are foraged from around the island. I love it, but sometimes it means getting your hands on a bottle of sloe is like mining for gold… I tried a few months ago (maybe even late last Ginuary) and it was completely unavailable.

It was definitely back in action today!

Now THIS is my kind of festival drink.

Now THIS is my kind of festival drink.

I don’t want to carry on too much about McHenry’s because I’ve got more exciting things to do with these guys later this month, so for now I’ll just leave you with this.