Ginuary 24th: Beetroot Collins @ Ash & Besters.

A lot can happen in twelve months. Almost exactly a year ago, I went in to Ethos Eat Drink for a pretty delicious apricot gin sour. Twelve months (and two days) later, Ethos has expanded… and expanded… and expanded. Out the front of the restaurant is a providore and a frozen yoghurt joint… and underneath the restaurant, next to its beating heart, is Ash & Besters. Ash & Besters do cocktails, and they do cocktails good. Tonight Barnes sorted me out with a Beetroot Collins.


Chocolate and beetroot and ginger, oh my!

“We recreate this venerable tall drink with Lark’s Godfather dry gin, beetroot, chocolate, house-made ginger liqueur and Bittermens habanero chilli shrub.”


And fizz. I mean, Collins. Same guy.

I wish I had more photos to share of this beautiful space but I headed in here after a full day of work (I hope the rest of Australia is enjoying their long weekend, sure) and my phone battery didn’t quite survive the full sitting—plus we had a full house at the bar and I didn’t want to startle anyone with any paparazzo activity (it’s pretty intimate down in the belly of the beast).


Sneaky peek at some lustworthy shelf contents, ai.

I know one thing’s for sure: I’ve updated my New Years resolutions to include “hang out at Ash & Besters more often”, because that’s all I want to do now.