Ginuary 20th: gin-dressed oysters two ways @ Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed.

Fortune favoured me with today’s gin. First let me show you a lovely photo of it, then let me tell you a tale. I promise it’ll be brief. Brief-ish. What you’re looking at here is, as the title of the post will tell you, gin-dressed oysters two ways, with two kinds of gin, even, because Tessa at Bangor is that great.


Clearly just an awful day.

See, I had a couple of gin-flavoured oyster dressings on my to-do list, but I’ve literally never had oysters in my kitchen before (despite eating a few in my time) so I’ll admit I was a bit nervous about the prospect.

Enter fortune in the form of a drive-by visit to the newly-opened Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed in Dunalley the other weekend (on the way to the gin workshop!). I’d finished my morning coffee by the time we got out of the car and so my brain was working enough to have a cunning plan, and a very decent excuse to visit the picturesque grounds of Bangor again.


Even overcast days are ridiculously stunning.

I think my proposal was basically along the lines of, “How about YOU do it FOR me?”, so I must be a pretty smooth talker, because Tessa agreed willingly. I forwarded her the couple of recipes I’d tagged, for inspiration, and then she blew them out of the water with her own takes.

Firstly, a chilli and lime vinaigrette with McHenry Classic Dry Gin. The combination of flavours here was kind of exceptional, and the chilli kick didn’t hold back.


Zings aplenty!

Secondly, a cucumber and grape granita with Hendrick’s. The granita had mostly melted by the time I got to photographing and devouring but the coolness was still present and it was an awesome dessert-y follow-up to the vinaigrette (though I’ll admit I kept jumping back and forth between the two).


Sweet and fruity, great for the gin choice.

The oysters themselves were beautiful and fresh, as they come from literally down the road. Tasmanian seafood is above average at the best of times and at a lovely new business here you can expect everything to be on point, from the seafood to the bubbles to the scenery, both inside and out.


Both lounging and dining, but don’t miss that deck.

Like I said, today was really just an excuse to visit again, to sit and enjoy the stunning views, the lovely tunes and the charming hospitality at Bangor. I’ll be back again, I just need another excuse.


See you again soon, you stunner.