Ginuary 14th: Gin Pin @ TQ.

Yes, I woke up this morning with a slightly dry brain. But then I had a lovely day off work, including an expedition to line up a day for later this month, and then my first ever #NLNL event! How do you recover from an hour of dancing on your own in a dark room, do you ask? The answer, friends, as always, is simple: more gin.

Tasman Quartermasters (or TQ, as it’s affectionately known) is a little Hobart space that’s gone through a few imaginations in quick succession, but currently defines itself as a Locavore Bar & Diner. I will always define it as Stu’s Place.

A week ago, TQ put up a new drinks list, and it sang to me. Aperol? Nah. Dark rum? Nah. But the other three drinks? Gin, gin, and gin. The Gin Pin was added to the to-do list without hesitation, and there seemed no better time to cross it off that list than directly after a dance session.


“Strawberry lemonade” was a very literal thing, with huge chunks of delicious muddled strawberries floating around in a sweet, tart and spicy mix. It was fresh, it was tasty, I was well pleased. My only challenge will be to not repeat this exact process next week! Oh, Ginuary. You can take such a toll on me.