Ginuary 12th: Lemon Lavender Fizz.

There’s this lavender bush that I walk past every day on my way home and sometimes I’ll grab a sprig or two of lavender to carry with me. Sometimes I shove them in my hair. In Ginuary I shove them in a drink.

Lemon Lavender Fizz

  • 60ml gin
  • 40ml fresh lemon juice
  • 20ml lavender sugar syrup*
  • sparkling mineral/soda water


Pour gin, lemon juice and lavender syrup into a glass and stir. Top with soda, add some ice and garnish with a lemon wheel and a sprig or two of lavender.

*To make the lavender sugar syrup, just add around 1tbsp dried lavender buds to 200ml sugar/water as you’re making it.



Isn’t this one as pretty as a picture? Yes, that’s “foraged” lavender… thanks, neighbour!

I originally stumbled across this recipe on a Pinterest trawl, where I found Bakenoir’s take on it. Their fancy-looking glass confused me but also excited me but also seemed to go against their actual recipe, which calls for a top-up with soda water. I wanted to do the pretty, fancy version though, so I did.

And darn it if I didn’t find it a bit too sweet. Good for a sweet tooth, probably, but the equal parts syrup and lemon weren’t hitting it off for me. So I went back in for round two, going for more of a long glass approach a la the original recipe from Saveur, but ignoring their measurements—which called for a higher syrup to lemon ratio! Nope, nope, nope…

I made a half-strength with 30ml gin, 20ml lemon and 10ml syrup… and I’m happy to say that’s bang on the money for me, but I think the important thing to take away here is that it’s a nice simple drink you can start with less syrup on and then just adjust to your personal preference. Because whee, lavender sugar syrup!

Yeesh, I just had the last mouthful of v.1 after making v.2 and it’s close to sickeningly sweet. Horses for courses. Glad I went ahead with v.2. Go your own way!