Ginuary 6th: Hendrick’s, St-Germain and soda.

Because sometimes you spend your whole day running around Manhattan and end up in a cinema session that doesn’t finish until 11:30pm because it’s bloody Scorsese and then the cinema has turned off the elevators since you got a ride up to the fourth floor so you’re stuck on the fourth floor of a Manhattan cinema at 11:45pm wondering if it’s time to settle in for a sleepover and there’s really no time to look for a proper drink so you screech into the Scottish pub across the road from where you’re staying at 11:58pm and they don’t really have any cocktail menu at all apart from a lot of scotch but at least when they offer to make you the best rudimentary gin cocktail they can do they use Hendrick’s because Scottish. Ok, fine, whatever.


(It’s so frustrating how often this exact scenario happens, am I right?)