Ginuary 4th: Leg Before Wicket @ Lantern’s Keep.

I moved to the big smoke today! I have to admit I was a little saddened to be leaving Brooklyn for Manhattan, because I’m a little more Brooklyn hipster than Manhattan socialite, but this isn’t a travel blog so let’s get down to the GIN.

I’m staying in the theater district, with Times Square right around the corner. The best drinking holes in Manhattan aren’t nearby, so I’ve been trying to do a bit of homework prep but there are still a lot of options available to me here. It’s glorious. But I’m still not talking about gin.

Thanks to some awesome door guys at the Iroquois Hotel watching my motorised scooter, I got to head down to the back of the hotel and pull up a lovely little marble table of my own at Lantern’s Keep. It’s a small, dark room with a killer cocktail list, all at the flat price of $16 a drink.

The cocktail list was so killer that I couldn’t decide—and I hadn’t had any of the gin drinks on the list. Oh my! I leaned toward the bartender for his advice and much to my delight, he engaged me in my favourite game—the Questions game. What’s my spirit? Gin. Do I prefer sweet, sour, bitter or citrus? … and this is where I failed badly at the Questions game tonight. I just had no clue what I wanted. But thanks to the bartender’s skills, I ended up with exactly what I needed.


The Leg Before Wicket comes from back in the 1930s, or so cocktail sluzza tells me. It’s no surprise with that name, the drink recipe was first printed in Britain. I don’t even like or watch cricket but I’m Australian enough to know that ‘leg before wicket’ is a cricket thing, and I locked in my order by confirming “the LBW, thanks”.

Gin, Cynar, lime juice and Campari come together very nicely. The drink was so delicious and the atmosphere was so great that I have to be careful not to end up back there every night for the rest of my Manhattan stay. Let’s see how I go.