Ginuary 22nd: Apricot Gin Sour @ Ethos Eat Drink.

When people visit Hobart and want a delicious local food experience, I send them in the direction of this restaurant. They’ve recently added some super cool cocktails to their menu, which meant I couldn’t not stop by Ethos for a drink this month.


This evening, Chloe and Alice treated me to a gin sour using a delicious poached apricot sugar syrup for a sassy twist to the classic recipe. All syrups are house made (and there are some exciting bitters on their way as well) in keeping with the crazy love that Ethos has for wonderful local ingredients (even the gin is a Tassie local). The apricot syrup smelled so good when I stuck my nose into the bottle, and the sweetness hung around noticeably once added to the rest of the ingredients in the sour.

The menu at Ethos is ever-changing, but this guy can currently be found on the drinks menu as a whiskey sour. I’m strongly advocating you ask for the whiskey to be replaced with gin, because I could quite comfortably drink another two or three of these. And may just do so when I head back to Ethos for dinner next week.