Ginuary 3rd: McHenry Classic and Fat Pig Farm cordial at the Taste Festival.

Happy Thursday, Ginuary fans! Three days in already, can you believe it? I can see the month escaping us before we even know it.

Today I was on location, exploring Hobart’s esteemed Taste Festival for my Ginuary fix. I ended up with a very special one-off, some home made cherry and lemon verbena cordial with a drop of McHenry Classic Dry Gin. A proudly Tasmanian beverage, through and through!

McHenry Classic & a delicious home made cordial

More photos of the Taste and today’s story after the jump.

For those who followed along last Ginuary, you may or may not know that I moved interstate a couple of months ago. I up and hauled ass from Queensland to Tasmania, for a bunch of reasons that aren’t relevant to this blog. What is relevant is that last Ginuary I wanted to highlight some of Brisbane’s finest, while this Ginuary it’s Hobart’s turn.

The Taste Festival is a big annual event in Hobart, running for a week over the new year.

ginuary3 (1)

Roads get closed! The Taste is serious business.

 Tourists and locals alike flock to this aggrandised food hall on Hobart’s waterfront to chow down on Tasmania’s finest food and drink. As a new local, I felt it was my duty to attend, so I managed to check in on the last day of the festival. Hobart was hot, Hobart was windy, and the Taste was apparently “not too crowded”.

ginuary3 (2)

I wouldn’t want to experience “crowded”.

I may only be new to the state but I’m already on board the “proudly Tasmanian” ship, so I had full confidence that the festival would be able to help me out with today’s gin. I have to admit, I was disappointed in the stall offerings (as far as gin was concerned). Things were looking grim until I found the “Spirit of the Tasman” stall, but the only gin on offer was in the form of a gin and tonic…

ginuary3 (3)

Boozy pies, boozy booze, and boozy ice-cream.

I told the lovely lady manning the stall about my challenge, and before too long I was chatting to Bill McHenry of William McHenry and Sons Distillery. We came to the conclusion that a Taste Festival Special could be born.

Off I went to visit the Fat Pig Farm stall on the other side of the hall, where home made cordials were for sale and Matthew Evans reached under the counter to sort me out with some delicious cherry and lemon verbena cordial. It was perfect for dropping a nip of gin into on a hot summer day.

ginuary3-1 (5)

Cordial + gin = success.

It was such a stinking hot day that I could have done with a bucket full of ice to go with my drink, but it was sweet and delicious and tasted like victory.


The Taste of Tasmania.