Ginuary 31st: Dry Martini.

Could you see this one coming? If you follow me on twitter, maybe so. If I actively called you out on how you like your martini, maybe quite easily.

It’s finally time for me to come clean and admit to you that tonight I drank my first real martini. No stuffing around, no using the word “martini” just because a concoction is served in a cocktail glass and includes gin, but a straight up dry martini with a twist, as recommended by quite honestly almost every person whose opinion I respect when it comes to gin.


IXL Long Bar had a neat but excellent selection of gin, so I went with Tanqueray Ten. Noilly Prat was on hand for vermouth, and the twist was done beautifully.

It’s funny, I spent so long shying away from the martini because I wasn’t sure I was ready for it yet—even after drinking a pink gin (and Ginuary’s effort wasn’t even my first pink gin). Even after I went from fearing Campari at the start of last Ginuary to embracing it as 2012 continued. Even after drinking a particularly floral gin plain on the rocks earlier this month (not blogged—it was a bonus round).

My dry martini tonight was fresh and floral, nothing to fear. I had a second drink (an IXL Long Bar creation called the Windsor Knot) because I was in good company for my end of Ginuary celebration, and then over a dessert (we skipped dinner) featuring gin and rhubarb sorbet, I had another dry martini, because I bloody well could.

Thanks to you for reading another month of mad gin-themed shenanigans. I’m pretty happy that I’ve made it through another year and this year I didn’t get a blood test for something else and accidentally find out that my liver levels were elevated five times above where they should have been. Suck on THAT, liver! I ignored you this year! Actually I didn’t, I drank a lot of turmeric and black pepper tea and I tried to do a little more cooking with gin this year because I had your interests at heart, a little.

Perhaps this year I’ll be better at posting more during the non-Ginuary months. Wish me luck! Otherwise… let’s face it, I’ll probably just see you next year.