Ginuary 24th: Clover Club.

Today is Tuesday, and yet I woke up knowing I had to do nothing at all today. Hooray for holidays! To celebrate, I decided to have my favourite cocktail. I’ve hesitated over making this because one of the ingredients is egg white, and I’ve been anxious about my shaking skills. With nothing else on the cards today, I decided to face my fears.

Clover Club

  • 50ml gin
  • 30ml lemon juice
  • 20ml sugar syrup
  • half an egg white
  • 6 fresh raspberries


Add all ingredients to a shaker. Muddle the raspberries, then dry shake like crazy (to emulsify the egg white). Add some ice and shake for a few more seconds.

Double strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a fresh raspberry.


Ginuary 24th: Clover Club.

The Clover Club pre-dates prohibition, and what that mostly means is that there’s no definitive recipe that everyone uses. The majority of recipes I’ve come across for this drink all mention raspberry syrup or grenadine. A world of thanks must go to Chris from Kerbside, who set me straight with his preferred Clover Club recipe – using fresh raspberries. Chris’s ingredient list is almost identical to that of 1806, which is where I first tried and fell in love with this drink.

Fresh lineup!

Plymouth has quickly become a new favourite of mine. It’s smooth and versatile. I hope the new bottles come out in Australia soon, because I think they’re really nice.

Fresh stuff ready to throw in.

For someone who doesn’t do a lot in the kitchen apart from cleaning up, I was pretty happy at this afternoon’s egg-separating skills.

Fresh raspberry glee.

Yesterday I used fresh blueberries, today I used some fresh raspberries. I hit a berry jackpot at the supermarket a couple of days ago, if you didn’t realise.


Muddling raspberries is SO MUCH FUN GUYS

Raspberries just fall apart underneath a muddler. If you have any raspberries you want me to muddle, just let me know, because I have already muddled all the ones I had left.

srsly you guys

This viscosity makes me uncomfortable.

Oh, egg white.

There was a time in my life where I didn’t drink a lot of cocktails. (I KNOW.) Back then, if I saw “egg white” in the listed ingredients for a cocktail, I was horrified. EGG in a COCKTAIL!? UGH.

It all changed for me when I had a big night out at 1806 in Melbourne. That night I tried a Clover Club, amongst a bunch of other delicious things with ingredients that I probably would have been afraid of when I was younger. Everything was ridiculously delicious, but this is another story for another time.

mouthful of berry

Double strain. I won't tell you again.

I will, though. I will tell you again. You need to double strain this after shaking, because when you muddle raspberries, they disintegrate into millions of little red pips.

So lovely.


And there we have it. The most lovely drink. I don’t know why I’m so fond of it – maybe because it started it all for me? I’ll judge a bar by how well they do a Clover Club. As far as I’m concerned, the fresh raspberries are essential in getting it right. You can’t fake that flavour. I guess it’s like not freshly squeezing your juices, you know?

Clover Club: cocktail of my heart.

Thanks again to Chris for his recipe – it was the perfect balance of sweet and fresh, and I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out.