The proposal.

It’s official: Gin and I are getting hitched.

my mum cried (with joy, right?)

~*Our Wedding*~

Okay, it’s not official at all. Sorry to all the other gin-lovers out there. We can all continue our affairs without feeling like dirty rotten cheaters, because gin still belongs to all of us.

However, before you carry on any further, there’s something you should know. I’ve promised myself to gin for the entire month of January. Gin in all its forms and I will be officially engaged for thirty-one days – considering our long and unofficial history, gin and I need to make this right.

Enough jokes. Well, okay – ONE more mention of jokes and then we’ll get down to business. Ginuary began as a joke (there, I’m done). Sick of Dry Julys and Ocsobers, I began talking about Ginuary to combat these months of abstinence. Am I an alcoholic? Hardly. Am I saying that months of sobriety are to be frowned upon? Heck, no. Do I think that doing it to raise funds for a charity is a bad thing? Maybe “bad” wouldn’t be the word I’d use. Do I think that a month of abstinence in the name of fundraising is going to change the path a person is on regarding alcoholism and their possible descent? No. I’m sorry, but no, I don’t. It’s for that reason that I also don’t believe I am putting myself at risk of a possible descent into alcoholism myself by participating in this project. I want to make it very clear that I am not an alcoholic, that I don’t support or encourage alcoholism, and that I hope every alcoholic out there recognises what they are doing to their life and the lives of those around them and that they seek help.

That paragraph took a very serious turn. Sorry about that, but I thought I’d best make a couple of things clear before I carry on with my month of gin consumption. See, this project is also an opportunity for me to pursue a personal challenge in seeing it through to completion. I haven’t creatively challenged myself in a while and I think personal projects are good for the soul – particularly if it’s regarding something you’re passionate about.

This is what I will endeavour to give you, gin-lovers, once a day for every day of Ginuary: a recipe for something consumable, featuring gin. It may be a simple sip with mixer, it may be a tasty morsel, it may be a cocktail… you won’t know until we get there. I won’t give you a full run sheet until Ginuary is over (but I will tell you my shopping list in a day or two if you are super keen to play along at home). Here’s hoping all recipes will be enjoyable and successful, because what I will also endeavour to give you will be a smattering of photographs showing some preparation and some celebration (or devastation). Sound like fun? I’m excited. I’m so excited that I probably won’t limit myself to one post per day, but any superfluous posts won’t be recipes, no – I’m holding fast to my “gin a different way every day” motto (and slight tweaks to recipes don’t count as “different”). Any bonus posts may feature historical gin tales, fun gin facts, fabulous gin places… gin, gin, gin. Sing it from a mountaintop. I can’t even tell you how many things I’ve learnt about gin since deciding to get serious about Ginuary!

For example, did you know that Sloe Gin isn’t actually gin at all?

Oh. Of course you did. Yeah… so did I. Hahaha, what larks! Hey, look over there!

(It’s classified as a liqueur, made by steeping sloe (blackthorn) berries in gin – so yes, there’s still gin in there, but it’s a LIQUEUR, people. From what I’ve read, in most areas of Australia the blackthorn shrub is classed as a weed anyway, so be careful if you try to grow it – you’d be better moving to the UK, where you’d get the chance to be the Grand Master of the Sloes.)

That’s me done for now. Cheers until next time.

Countdown to Ginuary: six sleeps.