Ginuary 17th: Seventh Heaven.


Seventh Heaven (No.2)

  • 22.5ml/0.75oz dry gin (I used Patient Wolf)
  • 7.5ml/0.25oz maraschino liqueur
  • 15ml grapefruit juice

Stir well with ice and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with a mint sprig.

It’s not Ginuary if I don’t have a comparison day, where there are at least two different recipes floating around on the internet. Today was a fun one because Cup of Zest referenced the original Savoy Cocktail Book recipe in their post with their own measures, so I didn’t have to go far to find the comparison. So that first one’s Harry Craddock’s take on it—the original in writing from the master. But I came across Cup of Zest’s post while on a whirling dervish of a Pinterest pinning session, so naturally I had to compare the two recipes.

Seventh Heaven

  • 60ml/2oz gin (I used Chase Pink Grapefruit)
  • 30ml/1oz grapefruit juice
  • 15ml/0.5oz maraschino liqueur

Shake vigorously with ice and strain into two chilled cocktail glasses. Garnish with maraschino cherries.

Cup of Zest rejigged the measures to suit their taste and switched to shaking based on the higher grapefruit content. The Food52 article they linked based on shake vs stir was a pretty fascinating read! The comparison definitely showed the dense and silky Craddock version and the light and frothy CoZ version. Having to choose between the two is a bit like splitting hairs, so I’m just not going to. So there.

(I didn’t keep googling once I’d read Cup of Zest… there are a bunch more different measured recipes out there. Eep. Maybe we can tackle the rest some other time, because I have to work today.)

Ginuary 16th: Gin & Tonic chocolate block.

I had grand plans for today but the best laid plans mean that sometimes you end up eating half a block of dark chocolate as consolation.

I found this sweet thing on the shelves at my favourite little curated homewares store, Home State Hobart. It’s made in Scotland by Coco Chocolatier but somehow ended up at the other end of the world and I’m pretty grateful.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Ginuary 15th: Pink Victrola.

Tonight I went out but just to the local pub so expecting something new for Ginuary there was a bit much to ask. (The cheeseburger was terrific, though.) I had to remain sober enough to put something together once I got home. I may have succeeded?

Pink Victrola

  • 30ml gin (I used Hendrick’s)
  • 15ml lemon juice
  • 15ml simple syrup
  • barspoon of grenadine

Ice, shake and strain into a long iced glass. Top with Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs Co’s pink grapefruit. Garnish with a grapefruit peel or small wedge.

I was sure to use Hendrick’s gin for this because the recipe is theirs! I did not stick to the original, which is why I didn’t strictly call it the “Hendrick’s Gin Pink Victrola”. The original recipe says to use 30ml pink grapefruit juice in the shaker and top with plain soda, but why would you bother to do that when you can get your hands on a deliciously pre-flavoured beverage? Plus, the Mineral Springs Co drinks aren’t obnoxiously fizzy, just nicely effervescent. It makes for a fancier drink all around.

Mind you, it’s far too easy to drink. Be careful doubling your gin measure. Dangerous. Deliciously dangerous. YUM!

Ginuary 14th: the Lumière.

The Lumiére

  • 45ml gin (I used Never Never Triple Juniper)
  • 30ml St-Germain
  • 22.5ml Green Chartreuse
  • 22.5ml fresh lime juice
  • dash of orange bitters

Stir all ingredients together over ice and strain into a chilled coupe glass.

Some nights you win and some nights you think you know what you’re doing and stop reading halfway through the ingredients, before the instruction, and you don’t really do it right but there’s too much of it on a school night for you to get through a second one without things getting silly.

This is one of the Green Chartreuse drinks on my list! Originally composed by Jen Marshall from Nitehawk Cinema, in celebration of Oscar-nominated 2011 film Hugo.

Maybe I’ll try it the right way tomorrow night…

Ginuary 13th: Tas Berry Sour @ The Den Salamanca.

Ok. Let’s talk about the Den. It’s been open for around a month and still smells deliciously like pine or some other lovely wood, because it’s got a ridiculously expensive fitout that’s around 97% wooden. If that scent never leaves, it will be too soon. I would go to the Den just to take a nice big deep breath into my lungs. I would, and I have, and I will again.

The cocktail list is my second favourite thing about the Den (my first being that smell). I’m even saying that when only two of the drinks on the (short) list (of thirteen) are gin-based. Everything is full of creativity and components that I can’t do easily in my home bar and that’s just what I want from a cocktail bar, because if I could make it easily at home, why wouldn’t I just do that? Give me house infused gin, Fernet Branca, and flavoured syrups. Give it to me in a drink called a Tas Berry Sour.

I’ve been to the Den three times now, and I’ve had this drink two of those times. It’s good. It’s very good, and perching upstairs at the Den looking down at the plebs is my favourite spot from which to drink it. Beautiful!

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